Brian Blair Speaks On Hulk Hogan’s Influence On Forming The Killer Bees

Brian Blair appeared on the “Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling” podcast to discuss his new book. Here are the highlights:

His new book that is out called “Truth Bee Told”:

“It’s called ‘Truth Bee Told.’ It’s being sold on Amazon. I have to thank Bret Hart, Steve Keirn and Hulk Hogan for doing my forwards and my after forwards.”

“It’s my life story, but I tell other people’s stories. There’s everything in the book from some of the funniest stories that I’ve ever been a part of, some of the funniest ribs and pranks. It’s a true story about how you can be what you want to be.”

Crediting Hulk Hogan for forming the Killer Bees:

“Vince wanted to create a real meaningful tag team division, which he did. Terry (Hulk Hogan) suggested to them, because I was going to come up and work for the Intercontinental Title which Tito Santana wound up in that spot. Tito is a wonderful guy too. I took Terry’s advice.”

“I met Jim (Brunzell) in Brantford, Ontario Canada. We didn’t have a name at that time. We were just Blair and Brunzell. George Scott came up to us and said, ‘You guys need to come up with a catchy name. Vince wants a catchy name before you go on, and you’re on in less than an hour.’”

“I remembered the Killer B’s defense on the Miami Dolphins football team, I think it was in 1972. The linebackers all had last names starting with B and called themselves ‘The Killer B’s.’ I told him (George Scott) over and said, ‘What do you think of The Killer Bees?’ He got a big smile on his face and said, ‘I like it. Let me see what Vince thinks.’ He left right away and came back 10 minutes later. He said, ‘Hey, that’s it. You guys are the Killer Bees.’ So the Bees were born in Brantford, Ontario.”