Brian Cage On Reason He’s Just Called ‘Cage’ In Lucha Underground

Brian Cage recently made an appearance on WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin’s podcast to talk about various topics including why he goes by the name Cage in Lucha Underground. Hee is what he had to say (transcript via

“The reason why I’m just ‘Cage’ in Lucha Underground instead of ‘Brian Cage’ is because DJ, the writer, Chris DeJoseph, we wanted to keep my name the same. He said, ‘hey, the Network kind of wants to change your name. Here are some other ideas.’ I’m like, ‘these suck. I don’t want to change my name.’ He was like, ‘yeah, I don’t want you to either.’ So he goes, ‘alright, here’s the compromise. How about you’re just ‘Cage’ instead of ‘Brian Cage’?,’ which is the same difference, but whatever and I still own the [intellectual property] to it.” Cage continued, “and he goes, ‘and they want you to wrestle in a singlet or something different.’”

He continued by stating, “I used to just wear trunks, and kickers, and stuff on the indies and everywhere else. So then, they wanted me to wear a singlet. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to wear a singlet because I already get compared to Ryback a lot of times. Unfortunately, I’d be put over Ryback because, like, as a better worker, but I’m like, I don’t want more of a comparison because I’m wearing a singlet as well, but that’s what they went with and a lot of people like that. And, actually, I debuted in Impact with a singlet too and everybody hated it. They said, ‘go back to your other stuff.’”