More Brodie Lee Tributes On RAW, Brian Myers Knocks WWE For Lack Of Attention

The tributes to Brodie Lee (Jon Huber, fka Luke Harper) continued during this week’s WWE RAW episode, past the opening.

As noted earlier at this link, the final RAW of 2020 opened with a graphic in memory of Lee, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 41 due to a non-COVID-19 lung issue. The opening segment then saw WWE Champion Drew McIntyre pay tribute to Lee by using his two catchphrases to kick off his promo. He said, “It’s Monday, you know what that means… yeah, yeah, yeah.”

The Superstars continued when Xavier Woods wore an armband with “BRODIE” on it for the eight-man match that saw The New Day, Riddle and Jeff Hardy defeat The Hurt Business. Woods also paid tribute by doing Lee’s discus clothesline to RAW Tag Team Champion Cedric Alexander, and doing some of his mannerisms.

Woods tweeted a photo of his “BRODIE” armband and wrote, “Love you man”

Tom Phillips pointed out Woods’ clothesline tribute on commentary by saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Phillips also used the “It’s Monday, you know what that means…” line to kick things off.

Alexa Bliss later used the “Yeah, yeah, yeah” line during her “Alexa’s Playground” segment with Randy Orton.

Impact star Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) is not happy with WWE’s efforts to honor Lee on RAW. He took to Twitter and called WWE out for not having a 10-bell salute or a video package on Lee’s career.

“No 10 bell salute? No video package? This man was beloved by his peers & we’re all grieving hard. This isn’t right,” Myers wrote.

You can see the tributes below, with Myers tweet-