Brian Pillman Jr. Talks “Pillman’s Got a Gun” Segment, Getting Into Pro Wrestling

MLW (Major League Wrestling) star Brian Pillman Jr. spoke with Chris Van Vliet about a wide range of topics including the infamous “Pillman’s Got a Gun” segment on Monday Night Raw in 1996.

“I remember being there. I was in the house and the crew guys were like ‘hey everybody, stay upstairs’ and me and my little sister are freaking out, ‘Stone Cold’ is circling the building and trying to find a way in and then all of sudden we hear the glass break and the rest is history. Seeing it on TV and that pure emotion, that pure anger of someone invading your home. What would you do? Of course you would pull out of gun, right? It’s natural, pure, organic stuff.”

He also talked about the reason he decided to become a pro wrestler and follow in his father’s footsteps.

“I felt like I was a little bit betrayed by wrestling. My mother told me that it killed my father. She’s say ‘oh wrestling killed your father and the lifestyle is too hard. You’ll never be able to do it.’ And I figured, I wasn’t in the NFL and I wasn’t a pro Judo master like him, so maybe I can’t do wrestling. And then I learned it’s more than that, it’s a lot more than that. Once I started doing yoga, getting in the gym, really putting on some weight and looking great I started to realize that I can do this. I was looking at the other guys in the business and comparing myself to them visually, physically and athletically and I thought I’d be in the upper tier here.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcript.