Brie Bella On Nikki Bella And John Cena Ending Their Relationship

Brie Bella spoke with People about John Cena and Nikki Bella announcing last week their separation after dating since 2012.

“She’s good, they call her fearless Nikki for a reason,” Brie said. “She always puts on that brave face. My sister has more strength than any other woman I know, especially Wonder Woman. She’s bigger than that.”

Brie noted that the upcoming season of Total Bellas that premieres next month on the E! Network will show Cena and Nikki’s relationship and that they opened up to the world about their relationship.

“I really had to take a step back and allow it and that was really hard on me because it’s my twin. I want to protect her from everything,” Brie admitted. “This has been the hardest season to film for me because all I want to do is protect her and keep everyone away, but this is what we do.”

“I have to give a lot of credit to John and Nicole,” Brie responded. “They really opened up their lives and they really wanted to close the curtain and be like this is it, we’re done. My sister is really great with her fans in a way where she lets them connect with her. She lets them like go, ‘My life isn’t perfect and isn’t easy’ and lets them see the playbook of her life.”

“John and Nicole allow the fans to see some very personal conversations, that to be honest, I was mind blown about,” Brie responded. “[Daniel] Brian and I both said, ‘I don’t think we’d allow them to see those conversations’ but they do. I give them a lot of credit. You get to see where they’re at today and see that unravel.”