Brock Lesnar Contract Speculation, WWE Interested In Eli Drake?

During a recent Q&A, Sean Ross Sapp of commented on if WWE is interested in Eli Drake, here’s what he said courtesy of

“No interest until he completely gets out of his Impact deal, but yeah there has been interest on WWE’s behalf. They really like how he can — I say ‘they’ — some really like how he can talk.”

Sapp also commented on speculation about Brock Lesnar’s contract:

“Anybody pretending to have that information I would be suspicious of at least as of right now. I know there will always be people saying, ‘oh Brock signed a long-term deal, Brock signed a short-term deal’… yeah I don’t know.”

“I think Brock likes to keep his stuff short in order to leverage WWE against UFC and I think that is coming to an end so maybe I’m the asshole.”