Brodus Clay On His WrestleMania 29 Match Being Cut, His Time In WWE, GLOW

Former WWE star Brodus Clay was recently interviewed by Wrestle:List. Here are the highlights:

His Role In The Netflix Series: GLOW:

“‘It’s funny, Carlito is my brother, we are part of a wrestling family for one of the Glow girls and our father is a legend. He doesn’t want his daughter wrestling, we touch on that whole thing where ‘it’s good enough for the boys but you deserve better’, so that’s the dynamic. I am kind of a goofball and Carlito is a goofball and we have great hair, our hair is always amazing. I made a joke on the set that our houses aren’t great and our car is terrible, but man we’ve got great hair.”

“It was a lot of fun and it was great to see Carlito again. We actually do a match and the joke is on us as in movies and TV, there is different camera angles, so we literally had to wrestle each other 20 times. I had to catch him a bunch of times for different takes. At one point I was like “Man this is a rib, this is a joke on us” because when you have to do the same cross body from the top rope 15 times is not a great feeling.”

His WrestleMania 29 Match Being Cut:

“Probably the biggest thing for me was my WrestleMania match getting cut; I don’t think I ever really mentally recovered from that. So that for me, was a very draining and disappointing situation. Although I have had some great moments in the WWE and Wrestlemania, I never had my moment in the ring, so for me mentally it was a lot. To work so hard and finally get your match… if you do great in that match, usually it springboards you up and not to get that opportunity was tough for me. After that, to say I had an attitude problem is an understatement, which is on me, I didn’t handle it well.”

His Time In WWE:

“I mean I had accomplished a goal I had set at 10 years old, I told my mum at that time that I was going to be a wrestler one day and I was going to be champion, everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I learned a lot about myself there as far as character stuff and made some friends who will be friends forever. I enjoyed my time there, I wish I could have left things on a better note, but we left things on a positive term. I think it worked out well for me in the long run; I wanted a lot more freedom and a chance to reinvent myself, sometimes you cant always do that when you get put in a certain lane.”