Brody King Talks About Coming to AEW and Getting Into Better Shape

Brody King spoke with Busted Open Radio prior to this week’s AEW Dynamite for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, King spoke about coming to AEW and getting into better shape. Here are the highlights:

Coming to wrestle for AEW:

“It’s been very different. You know, it’s funny because you think that being in New Japan or being on Ring of Honor you get this national exposure, but then you go somewhere like AEW, and it’s like, you might as well have never even been a wrestler before that. You have a massive audience that has no idea who you are, so now you have to reintroduce yourself and not expect people to be like, ‘Oh, there’s Brody King from Ring of Honor.’ So it’s been very different.”

“It’s a bit humbling, but I like the challenge and I like the ability to reinvent yourself.”

Getting into better shape now that he’s in AEW:

“I never was the body guy. I was almost like the anti-body guy. I just wanted to be a great pro wrestler. I remember having a conversation with one of my trainers and he was getting on me about getting bigger and buffer or whatever. I was like, ‘Would you rather have a good wrestler or buff wrestler?’ He’s like, ‘Probably a buff wrestler.’ I was like, ‘I disagree.'”

“That was kind of always my mindset. But then it becomes pretty apparent when you’re on national television. People care more about the aesthetics sometimes than they care about the in-ring work, and that’s the first thing they’re going to judge you on. So I got a great coach. He put me on a great program. I’ve been on it for about four months now and have been seeing some really great results.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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