Bruce Prichard On The Undertaker, WWE Portrayal Of Brock Lesnar Going Into WrestleMania, More has published an interview with Bruce Prichard. Here are the highlights:

WWE’s portrayal of Brock Lesnar in the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania:

“It depends on your perspective,” Prichard said. “In a situation where Brock is champion, he’s coming in for a certain number of days doing what he does, and when he comes in, he draws people. People are interested in what he does. So from my point of view, not having to overexpose the talent is a great thing. People become complacent and used to the talent. When you’re only getting them every once in a while, that adds to the talent’s mystique… Whether it’s Brock’s idea or WWE’s idea, I think it’s a good one for a big draw to only be seen in a limited way.”

The Undertaker’s physical shape:

“I saw him recently, around Thanksgiving, and I haven’t seen him look that good in 10-15 years … He was skipping up steps and looked great.”