Bruce Prichard Reflects On WWE Trying To Get NFL Legend John Madden To Work WrestleMania As Commentator

John Madden would have made for an interest special commentator on “The Grandest Stage of Them All.”

During the latest installment of his Something To Wrestle With podcast, Bruce Prichard reflected on WWE trying to get the NFL legend to work a WrestleMania event.

Featured below is an excerpt from the episode where he touches on this topic with his thoughts and memories.

“John Madden, man, we tried for such a long time. [Getting] John Madden to do color commentary for WrestleMania was our goal for the longest time. We thought he was a perfect fit. John was a fan, John wanted to do it, but John didn’t travel by plane. In order to get John to our destination of WrestleMania on the three times, at least I worked on and tried to make happen, it just feasibly couldn’t take place because where John was in the country with his bus, but I would have loved to have had John Madden to do color commentary with Gorilla or Vince for an entire WrestleMania, and he knew it. He knew the show. He knew the characters. He loved the characters. I would have probably wanted to put him with Vince and Bobby [rather than] Gorilla because he was so much like Gorilla in his delivery in the things that he saw and the way that he saw the business.”

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