Bruce Prichard Says Vince Russo Was Not High on The Young Bucks in TNA

During the latest episode of “Something To Wrestle With,” Bruce Prichard answered fan questions. Prichard discussed a variety of topics, including the WWE Hall of Fame, a photo of Bruce with a black eye, his next move, Big Show’s debut in the WWE, and more. The following are some of the highlights:

Prichard was questioned regarding the possibility of including a Tammy Bakker character alongside his Brother Love character:

“[Sensational] Sherri wanted to do it. Sherri really wanted to do it but she was doing her thing. But there was a period there when we were really close on two different occasions to get Jessica Hahn. She got an agent that was like, ‘Oh no, this will kill you.’ Wait, wait, wait. You did it with Jim Bakker and exposed him and did all this stuff, and blah, blah, blah, but Brother Love will kill your career? What career? You were a secretary.”

Prichard commented on The Young Bucks’ departure from TNA in 2011.

“The Young Bucks, when they were in TNA came to me and said, ‘We can make more on the independents.’ I knew that Russo did not have anything for them and was not high on them. They told me they can make more on the independents and I said, ‘Man, go make more on the independents.’ They said, ‘Can we have our release?’ I said, ‘Yes, right now you can have your release.”

You can listen to the complete podcast below:

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