Bruce Prichard Speaks Out On Kevin Nash Being Labeled Lowest Drawing WWE Champion

This week’s Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard featured the WWE executive talking about the notion that Nash’s WWE Title run in 1994-95 made Diesel the worst drawing champion in the history of the company. Here is what Prichard had to say:

“Diesel has often been referred to as ‘The worst drawing champion in WWF history’ and in my notes I wanna ask ‘when did you start to notice a dip in house show business, but if you remember when he won the fuckin’ thing as MSG, there’s only 7,000 fans there and 7,000 fans in Huntsville would be a helluva house. 7,000 fans in Madison Square Garden means you probably lost money running the damn building.”

“People put the heat on Diesel. I did. I remember the night we went to shoot the angle with Goldust and Razor in Bangor, Maine and Vince was in with Razor and Goldust or whatever and I’m outside with Hunter and Diesel. And Diesel says, ‘You know, ‘I’m the lowest earning WWF Champion of all time.’ I said, ‘Well it goes hand-in-hand with the lowest drawing WWF Champion.’ Kevin and I had a few heated words at that point and you look back and it’s true, yeah, but you can’t, when you truly look at it in hindsight and you look at it with fresh eyes in a fair assessment, he didn’t inherit, no. He didn’t inherit anything. He inherited the championship at a time when the business was at a low point and there wasn’t an awful lot for him to work with from that point moving ahead and I think that as time went on, Diesel did become a draw and he did get into a position where, yes, he did draw money and obviously did well enough that he was able to parlay that into a hell of a deal at WCW. So as much as I’ve picked on Kevin before and I’ve picked on DIesel and all that shit, make no mistake about it, you can’t put all of it on him and he was doing what he was told, he was still green and doing what he was told. And that falls on us. That falls on us, from the creative people that were allowing it to happen and I was apart of that…”

(H/T to WrestleZone)