Bruce Prichard Tells Funny Story About The Undertaker And Uber Driver

Bruce Prichard shared some details on a funny story regarding The Undertaker and an Uber driver in a recent edition of his Something To Wrestle With podcast. Here is what he had to say:

“He didn’t know who I was or what I did and I told him about my podcast and things and he said, ‘yeah I’m kind of connected to the wrestling business.’ I say, ‘really? How’s that?’ He says, ‘well… my real dad is The Undertaker.’

The guy was celebrating his 24th birthday coming now. Now I know The Undertaker pretty well personally and I’m aware of all the children that he’s had and what have you. The guy goes on to explain his mother back in the day of Andy Warhol and Studio 54, in the glory days of Studio 54 that The Undertaker used to hang out there all the time and his mom used to work there and The Undertaker got his mother pregnant and they had a baby out of wedlock and what have you.

Then he goes on to tell me that the reason he knows this is true is because his dad, the guy who raised him as his dad is best friends with Undertaker’s brother Kane. And that Kane and Undertaker don’t really get along and they don’t speak — they haven’t for years and it goes back to early times and how when they were a kid they didn’t get along.

I’m looking at him like, ‘is that right?’ and the whole time I’m texting The Undertaker — the real Undertaker. ‘Hey bro, I’m in an Uber in New York City’ — ‘Oh yeah? Where you going?’ — ‘To dinner, by the way your son is the driver.’ And he’s like: ‘What?!’ So we go back and forth and I basically text him while this kid is telling the story and I guess I kind of left out that this guy could double for Mark Henry’s brother but there were very few similarities to The Undertaker if you get my drift.”