Bryan Danielson Reveals He Considered Leaving WWE for ROH in 2018

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Bryan Danielson has found success in all of the major companies for which he has worked during his wrestling career, including WWE, AEW, and ROH.

He is a former ROH World Champion and a member of the ROH Hall of Fame’s inaugural class. Danielson almost returned to the promotion in 2018 when his WWE contract expired. Danielson revealed this while speaking with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes.

Danielson mentioned how his lawyer, who isn’t familiar with pro wrestling, told him that he shouldn’t go to ROH if The Young Bucks weren’t staying because they drove popularity to the promotion through their Being The Elite YouTube show. The lawyer also speculated on what ROH would be like without Cody Rhodes.

Danielson made a wise decision because The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes would help Tony Khan launch AEW in 2019.

Danielson re-signed with WWE in 2018, but left in 2021 to join AEW. Danielson unsuccessfully challenged for the ROH World Title on AEW programming. The current ROH World Champion is Chris Jericho.