Bully Ray On The Dudley Boyz Getting Into The WWE Hall of Fame, His Retirement Speech & More

Bully Ray recently did an interview with Chris Van Vliet. Here are the highlights:

On his retirement speech: “I don’t plan anything. When you plan stuff, it comes across the wrong way. I go to the ring and I say what I feel. I wasn’t even supposed to be on those shows in Buffalo or Ohio or Chicago. Ring of Honor told me to take the time off to rest and as much as I would have liked to stay home, I can’t do that to those cities because those are the cities I got my start in especially with ECW. That night in Chicago I kind of knew that this was the end of the line. That building was the first building we did flaming tables in. So if I can’t go out in my backyard in New York or in Philly which is where I got my start, the absolute best place would be Chicago.”

Any advice he has for young talents: “Get over. I don’t care what it takes. I don’t care if you crap into your own hand and throw it in the 5th row as long as you can get over. Make the people be interested in you. Make them emotionally invested in you. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them cheer. Make them boo. Do something. Get over. Listen, you can go in the ring and do a flip or a dive and do this and that and they’ll go ohhh and they’ll go ahhh, but so many guys are doing that. I’d like to see guys get over more because they are using the entire range of emotions that a human being has.”

The possibility of getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame as a member of The Dudley Boyz: “I don’t care about the Hall of Fame. I get inducted into the Hall of Fame every single night I go through that curtain. This is my Hall of Fame. It’s the fans. If they’re cheering, if they’re booing, if they’re laughing, crying or throwing tomatoes at my head I don’t care. That’s the Hall of Fame to me. I don’t need anything else and I’ve never really needed anything else. Not that being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame wasn’t “nice” or if the WWE ever wanted to induct us that it wouldn’t be “nice”. I don’t want to be selfish about it, I know the people would enjoy that. So if the day comes, ok cool. If the day never comes I’m not losing an ounce of sleep over it.”