Bushwhacker Luke Shares Funny Vince McMahon Story, Talks The Last Match & More

In an exclusive interview with PWMania.com, WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Luke talked about some of his favorite moments, The Last Match pro wrestling rock musical, a change he would have made to his career, and Vince McMahon’s retirement.

Bushwhacker Luke began his wrestling career in 1962 in NWA New Zealand. Over the course of his career, he made a name for himself being a part of a number of legendary tag teams. Perhaps none more legendary than the Bushwackers.

When asked what he would show new fans, he responded with, “segments with Randy Orton. He has great psychology, excellent presentations, and wrestling skills, and shows why he’s a third generation star.”

Bushwhacker Luke still wrestles on occasions. He also joined The Last Match, a professional wrestling rock musical, and is something he enjoys a lot. When asked about how he got involved with it, he responded “I was introduced to it by Tommy Fierro. It’s something completely different to get involved with. I wrote wrestling TV shows for years, but this is completely different.”

Bushwhacker Luke is very excited for fans to see The Last Match. He said, “I see myself as one of these characters, as I have been in this business for seven decades and am the second oldest wrestler in the world still performing.”

Other than The Last Match, Bushwhacker Luke does events around the US every weekend. He does meet and greets, and matches all over the country. Bushwhacker Luke had an incredible career and is an absolute legend in the professional wrestling business. He said, “Every weekend I do events around the USA. Meet and greets plus wrestling matches.”

When asked if there was anything he would change from his career, he responded “Different situations where I should have taken a booking job from the second biggest promotion in the country and other situations where I should have changed from heel to babyface and made a lot of money before leaving a promotion.”

A lot has happened since Bushwhacker Luke last competed in the WWF/WWE. Perhaps, none bigger than Vince McMahon stepping down as Chairman of the company. When asked about Vince, he said, “Vince is a great guy, I would not be out here working around the world today if not for him.”

Bushwhacker Luke also recalled a funny story with the former WWE Chairman. “I was at a San Antonio nightclub where Vince was sitting on Road Warrior Animal’s shoulders. Hawk came off the bar and hit him with a clothesline. I think Vince had neck surgery after that.”

More information on “The Last Match: A Pro-Wrestling Rock Musical,” which Bushwhacker Luke is a part of, is available at TheLastMatchMusical.com and Instagram @thelastmatchmusical.

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The next single is scheduled to be released soon. You can listen to The Last Match’s first official track by Ramin Karimloo, Thirty Years, below: