Candice Michelle Wishes She Was Involved in This Year’s WWE Royal Rumble

Former WWE star Candice Michelle recently spoke with Steve Fall from the Ten Count for an interview covering all things pro wrestling ahead of this weekend’s Royal Rumble.

During the discussion, Michelle talks about the possibility of entering the WWE Royal Rumble match on Saturday.

“I wish I was going,” Candice said. “Every year people are like, ‘How come you’re not there? Why are you not in this?’ One year they mentioned I was there but never called me. It just hasn’t been my time. I’m open for it. I’m looking forward to the year when it’s my time and I don’t think this year is my time either, but you never know. WWE likes to call you like the day before and say, ‘By the way, can you come down tomorrow?’ So I’m not planning on being there this year, but I’ll watch and support and hopefully one of these years it’s my time to be there.”

You can watch a clip from the interview below:

(h/t to for the transcription)