Carlito Discusses His Return To The WWE Following A 13-Year Hiatus

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Carlito recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of Daily Mail on a number of topics including his return to the company after a long 13-year hiatus.

Carlito said, “One thing led to another, you know? I mean, was it 13 years to get back It was a long, it was a long process. But I think everything happened at the right time. Everything was in different parts. First Bad Bunny, then Puerto Rico, the Rumble before that, and then LWO. Everything kind of just meshed together and just worked out perfectly. It [2021 Royal Rumble appearance] was during COVID, so there was no audience there. That was that was a little different, it was weird coming out to just a bunch of screens in the background. But just having seen the reaction after all that, online generally positive comments, that when that’s when I kind of started thinking, ‘Okay, maybe.’ The LWO thing was just the opening at the time. The beginning was just the overall feeling of wanting to come back to and having the desire to come back, stuff I could still do, and knowing exactly I want to do.”