Cesaro Addresses The Current State Of WWE SmackDown Live

In an interview with CitizensVoice.com, Cesaro was asked about how he would compare RAW and Smackdown:

“For us, it’s the same. We want to be on top of both shows,” Cesaro said. “We were a cornerstone of Raw, we are a cornerstone of SmackDown. We are the best team, that’s what we want to prove. That’s always our goal. SmackDown has a lot of potential. SmackDown, I feel, has more excitement than Raw even though Raw is always branded as the flagship show. But I think there’s a lot of excitement on SmackDown, there’s more focus on the wrestling aspect. With the new TV deal kicking in in November, I have high hopes for SmackDown.”

“I feel SmackDown has the absolute best tag teams in the world,” Cesaro said. “We have us, we have The New Day, we have the Usos, we have The Club, we have Sanity, we have the Hardys, we have Rusev and Nakamura. Obviously, I don’t really want to, but I have to mention tag teams like Miz and Shane McMahon, even these odd pairings but definitely the best tag teams in the world. In my opinion, tag team wrestling is absolutely fantastic. It’s very exciting and I just wish it would be given a bigger chance and platform, especially at SmackDown.”