Cesaro On Teaming With Sheamus, Working With The Hardys, Recent Injury To His Teeth

RAW Tag Team Champion Cesaro recently spoke with The National to promote the December 7th WWE live event in Abu Dhabi. The full interview, which was done before his recent title win with Sheamus, is at this link and below are highlights:

The mouth injury he suffered at WWE No Mercy:

“Well, I knew I hit my teeth really hard [against the ring post] and I just felt all the blood. There was so much flowing and I couldn’t stop it. But I was full of adrenaline and every time you have a title match on a network special, pardon the pun, it is special, and I just wanted to win those tag titles and get through the match. I feel that if you are a true competitor nothing will stop you and some teeth shoved up my jaw certainly didn’t stop me.”

“They are a lot better. I am still not able to bite anything with my front two teeth. Like I said they went up my gums, and I fractured my jaw bone that is over my teeth and beneath my nose. I fractured that and they had to pull the teeth back down. Now I have lovely braces so to all the kids with braces out there, I feel your pain.”

Teaming with Sheamus:

“It has been a lot of fun. Probably the most fun that I have had in my WWE career. We knew we each other a little bit and were kind of friends. But when we began to tag it began to click and we have become really good friends over time and by now are best of friends.

Working with The Hardys:

“The Hardys have such a huge following. As you said they were a huge part of the 2000s in the WWE. So to be there when they came back [at WrestleMania 33], that was a WrestleMania moment right there, so to hear the crowd erupt and be part of it was great. To be in two classic matches, one was a cage match that we won the tag titles in, and then the 30-minute iron man match, which I don’t think had ever been done before in the WWE with tag teams, was really something.

“To have those two matches with the Hardys, and come out on top and to cement the legacy of Sheamus and me as a top team was fantastic. It is great to see the Hardys have not lost a beat from what they did in the 2000s, but have also evolved their game as well and still be a hot act now in 2017.”