Change To WWE 205 Live Commentary Team, Fans On Lana, Carmella Talks WWE MITB (Video)

– Above is video of Carmella talking about Sunday’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match, the first-ever for the women’s division. Carmella says it’s exciting, scary, a little overwhelming and there’s a lot of pressure going into the match but she thrives on pressure and is so excited for it. Carmella says the pressure is on the division to deliver but she believes they will steal the show.

She goes on to say the other Superstars in the match have a lot to prove but she has the most to prove and will really thrive under the pressure. She can’t wait to see the look on the faces of the other competitors when she grabs the briefcase and shoves it in their faces. Carmella says she can’t wait to prove to everyone that she has what it takes because once she gets the briefcase, she’s confident she will become SmackDown Women’s Champion.

– WWE has a new poll asking fans if the WWE Universe is underestimating Lana going into her title shot from SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi on Sunday. As of this writing, 52% went with, “Yes. Since debuting on SmackDown LIVE, Lana has proven to not only be incredibly smart, but also physical when the situation calls for it.” The rest voted, “No. Although The Ravishing Russian has made an immediate impact, her inexperience will catch up with her in a title match against the battle-tested Naomi.”

– WWE NXT announcer Vic Joseph called this week’s WWE 205 Live episode with Corey Graves. This appears to be Vic’s call-up to the show as Tom Phillips, who has been calling the action with Graves, tweeted the following: