Charlotte Flair On Overcoming Her Brother’s Death, Getting Out Of An Abusive Relationship, Her Father

On Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia on PodcastOne, Charlotte Flair discussed her rise in the WWE, the health of her father, becoming an author, being compared to her father, overcoming abusive relationships, her brother Reid Flair’s tragic death, adapting to the wrestling business, her fight for the SmackDown Women’s Champion, working with Natalya, and more.

Below are highlights from the interview.

On Ric Flair’s health:

Flair: “Oh, he’s doing really well…

On her brother Reid’s death due to a drug overdose:

“I got so frustrated towards the end. He was in Japan doing well before he passed. He asked me to promote something for him, and I didn’t want to because I was just angry at him for making mistakes, and I have a lot of guilt – if I had done things differently. But that’s my thing about the book. I was getting to write my letter to him, letting him know that what he wanted to do and become, I’m making sure happens. And I still haven’t really accepted that he’s gone…And I know it’s hard on my mom, for sure, hard on my mom that the only thing the world sees is her son dying of an overdose, instead of what a beautiful soul he was… So I think getting to write about him and what he meant to me in the book, meant a lot.”

On getting out of an abusive relationship:

“At that time, we were young, and he had family issues as well, and I was constantly trying to make up for those – but when, in reality, we were both in unhealthy situations. And I kept thinking, ‘Well maybe if I looked a certain way or acted a certain way, or if I did this better he wouldn’t do xyz.’ But it really had nothing to do with me, so I was continuing to make excuses. And when you’re in a codependent relationship like that, you’re listening to what the person says, but even though they do something else and say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. It will never happen again,’ but that’s not really how it is if the behavior never changes.”