Charlotte Flair Talks About The Physical Abuse She Dealt With In Her Past

Here is an excerpt from Ric and Charlotte Flair’s book, “Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and The Rise Of Charlotte”, courtesy of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Charlotte discusses the physical abuse that she dealt with while dating her ex-husband in college, which caused her to turn down a D1-scholarship offer to play Volleyball at another school.

“Riki started swinging at me like we were in a street fight. Over his screams, I could hear his fists hit my arms. I managed to block most of the punches, but one shot got me in the ribs. I began to gasp for air, but he didn’t stop […] Riki punched me right in the head. …I think about that girl now, and it brings tears to my eyes. How did I get there? Why was this going on? Why wasn’t I strong enough, brave enough, to end this?”