Charlotte Has Heated Reply To Article Headline On Twitter

Charlotte Flair took to Twitter late last night and lashed out over a column written about how she’s booked and the heat she receives from fans. Flair noted that she probably should’ve just blocked the article and kept scrolling, but she believes words matter so she went ahead with her response. The article was titled, “Does Charlotte Flair Deserve The Hate She Gets?,” and the caption reads, “Charlotte Flair catches a lot of heat for how WWE books her.”

“I should just scroll block this garbage, but words matter, so I will take a few moments to educate you since both a human and I would assume an editor allowed this bullshit to sully Al Gore’s internet,” Flair wrote.

Flair then defended the time off she’s had and said she doesn’t see a similar article where a male Superstar is knocked for taking time off and returning to a title chase.

“I have taken time off three times while on the main roster,” she wrote. “First time was when my dad was sick. Second time was a 6 week injury that was followed up by 18 months of staring at lights to help create a star. 3rd time is now. What exactly is it that I’m avoiding? I keep looking for the article where you trash one of the male champions for taking time off and being inserted back into the title picture. Didn’t find one. Shocking. Wonder why [rolling eyes emoji]”

Flair ended her response by pointing to how she will always be in the title picture because of how good she is.

“I am in the title picture, and I will always be in the title picture. It’s one of those unfortunate side effects of excelling at something; you wouldn’t understand,” she wrote.