Charlotte On How Wrestling Is Her Life And How The WWE Draft Affects Female Superstars

Former WWE women’s champion Charlotte recently spoke with the Inquistr. Below are the highlights:

On how wrestling is her life: “It is my life. I’m on the road most of the time. It is my life and being able to travel with my dad this year was really special because a lot of people don’t understand what we do and I think it was hard for my dad, explaining to us why he was never at home. It was because he loved what he did so much and to be able to share that with him and understand what he dedicated his life to and then obviously try to carry on his legacy… it has been amazing.”

Charlotte on the WWE draft and how that affects the female Superstars: “Well, one, splitting up the women, I think, opens doors for people who haven’t necessarily had the opportunity to shine in the last year. But, you know, I wanna be the best and being on RAW without our group of women pushes me to work harder. With the brand split, obviously, RAW wants to be better than SmackDown. SmackDown wants to be better than RAW. So it just makes you up your game a little bit.”