Charly Caruso Defends Carmella On Adultery Allegations Regarding Corey Graves

Over the weekend, Corey Graves’ wife Amy Polinksy publicly accused the WWE announcer of cheating on her with Carmella, but the truth of the matter is apparently different.

Sources close to Graves tell Pro Wrestling Sheet that Graves and Amy Polinksy have been in the divorce process for the past six months and Corey has been living in a different home for the last two months.

Graves informed Polinksy last week that he’s now seeing someone else — a relationship that began after he moved out of their home — and she reacted in a very public way.

On Saturday, Polinksy posted a photo on Instagram of their family and claimed Graves has been “sleeping with one of my daughters role models all along,” Carmella.

Polinksy deleted the post but did a few more throughout the day about the situation before shutting down her Instagram account on Sunday.

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s sources say that despite how it was made to sound from Polinsky, Graves did not cheat on her with Carmella. Furthermore, their divorce is close to being finalized.

As you would imagine, Carmella has drawn hordes of negative comments on social media over the situation, many of which accused her of adultery. Charly Caruso, who is friends with Carmella, wasn’t happy with a fan making that accusation on her Instagram page.

Before Raw on Monday, Charly Caruso posted this photo on Instagram. Carmella left a comment that reads, “A serve.” Her comment was followed by the heart eyes emoji.

A fan responded to Carmella’s remark by writing “adulterer.” Caruso, who often fires back at negative remarks on her posts, defended Carmella by writing, “Get your facts straight before you throw words like that around.”