Charly Caruso Signs With ESPN

WWE’s Charly Caruso made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take today where she went under her real name of Charly Arnolt. She has signed a deal with ESPN to work with them but will remain under a full-time contract with the WWE. She wrote the following on her Instagram account:

“Charly Arnolt…ESPN. WHAAAAAT!!! Been waiting my whole life to say those 4 letters! So yep, here I am—officially an ESPN employee! (No, I am NOT leaving WWE! That’s still my home and I am so happy there!) I’ll be doing a few things at ESPN from time to time for now, including SportsCenter updates and hosting the SportsCenter on Snapchat show. I’m still in disbelief. WWE + ESPN = KILLER COMBO! I am so incredible appreciative and fortunate for both of these wonderful opportunities! Check me out all day today and tomorrow doing SC updates! ?????”