Chris Jericho And Amanda Huber Reply To Samuray Del Sol Tweet On Brodie Lee

Last night’s AEW Dynamite saw Samuray Del Sol (fka WWE’s Kalisto) team with Aerostar, in their AEW debuts, to unsuccessfully challenge AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR.

After the show, Del Sol took to Twitter and made a post about how he prayed and spoke to the late Brodie Lee (Jon Huber) before the match.

“Prayed and talked to John(Brodie lee) before my match.. thank you for showing me your home @AEW and giving me the strength and energy I need it today [folded hands emoji] forever your in my heart Hermano…,” Samuray wrote.

Chris Jericho responded and corrected Samuray’s spelling, writing, “You spelled his name wrong.”

Jericho received some criticism from fans, but Brodie’s widow, Amanda Huber, came to Jericho’s defense. Amanda responded to Jericho with a GIF that said, “Why are you booing me? I’m right”

One fan wrote, “I think cause English isn’t his first language so probably just didn’t realize.”

Amanda responded, “Yeah, not an excuse to spell someone’s name wrong if you’re name dropping”

Another fan wrote, “Amanda this is really odd, respectfully.”

Huber wrote back, “Why is that? I feel like it’s reasonable to expect a level of respect of spelling someone’s name right if you want to name drop them.”

You can see the full tweets below: