Chris Jericho Clarifies His Role With All Elite Wrestling

During his recent podcast, Chris Jericho commented on what his role is with AEW:

“I am not part of the office. I am not one of the executive vice presidents or whatever the terms are. You know, Cody’s in there and Kenny and Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson, and of course Tony Khan kind of heading everything up but I know they have a lot of conversations, a lot of booking meetings, a lot of plans. I’m not privy to those conversations. You know, I get people calling me every day. Probably some of you even listening. From announcers to referees to wrestlers to people that wanna write the shows, ‘How can I get involved? How can I get involved?’ and I don’t know! I’m just a singer in a rock and roll band. I have nothing to do with that behind-the-scenes type hierarchy. But these guys are now dealing with all this kind of stuff. Cody calls me constantly about ‘let’s try this for an entrance’ and ‘let’s do this for a ring song’ and ‘let’s try this and try that.’ He’s probably getting 1,500 calls and texts and emails a day asking about all sorts of things he hadn’t even thought about and we haven’t even started on live TV yet. But that’s okay.”