Chris Jericho Hypes Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson’s “Talk N’ Shop A Mania” Event

AEW Superstar Chris Jericho took to Twitter on Thursday, promoting this weekend’s “Talk N’ Shop A Mania” show that is produced by Impact Wrestling Superstars Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. Of course, the two didn’t wind up signing with AEW and re-signed with WWE instead. They were later released and went to Impact Wrestling. As we previously reported here on eWn, there is no “heat” between the team and AEW.

Talk N’ Shop A Mania will air this Saturday via FITE TV.

Jericho said, “Hey it’s Chris Jericho, Le Champion! You know, the guy who some consider to be the greatest of all-time? Well, if you want to see something that is guaranteed to be the worst thing of all-time, then check out Talk ‘N Shop A Mania on August 1st, run by those two jackoffs Gallows and Anderson. You know, the guys that screwed me and the Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega. Took the big money offer up in the Fed, and then two days later were jobbed out worse than Silent Brian Mackney before they were shown the door and kicked out on their asses! Now they’re reduced to this. Talk ‘N Shop A Mania. Freight Train, Rory Fox, Frankie Coverdale, top-name draws for sure! And then the main event — the Mizzain Event! Sex Ferguson, Chad 2 Badd. Pieces of s**t all around! So if you want to waste your money on this abortion, get ready for August 1st, Talk ‘N Shop A Mania. It’s something so bad that you’re gonna wanna see. You’re not gonna wanna turn away. Like a bad car accident, or a bad decision. Like the one Gallows and Anderson made in January of 2019. August 1st, Talk ‘N Shop A Mania. I know I’ll be watching, with a barf bag beside me!”