Chris Jericho Reveals Advice He Gave To Neville On Working With Enzo Amore, Edge Praises Luke Harper

– During a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Chris Jericho shared advice that he gave to Neville about working with Enzo Amore. Here’s what Jericho had to say:

“I told Neville this months ago, I said: ‘There’s gonna come a time when you’re gonna have to make him look good, that’s the job of guys like you and me, it doesn’t matter if he’s good, that’s not his responsibility, that’s yours now. Neville’s gonna have to do anything he can to make that match work the same way that all the great workers in time do that.”

– Edge praised Luke Harper during a recent edition of Edge & Christian’s Podcast Of Awesomeness. Edge believes Harper is very underutilized and has a very believable character. Here is what Edge said:

“I am such a huge Harper fan, I think he is so underutilized. I think he could do so much. When I first saw him I was like, there’s a guy who works ‘Taker at ‘Mania”, they would see that dude and say ‘oh yeah, he’s off and believe what he is presenting but then, he wrestles like that (the ladder match with Dolph Ziggler) and you’re like, what the hell happened?.”