Chris Jericho Reveals Who Was Originally Supposed To Be The Exalted One

On a recently edition of Talk is Jericho, Dr. Luther discussed his audition to be the Exalted One. Chris Jericho explained to Luther that he likely didn’t have a chance to play that role as the Young Bucks already had someone in mind for that role. Jericho mentioned Matt Hardy, who everyone assumed would become the Exalted One, as a possibility, and of course Brodie Lee. Jericho also revealed their original choice:

“I think right off the bat, the Bucks were like, we want, I think the original plan was Marty Scurll to be the leader of the Dark Order, and then they wanted Matt Hardy, which then morphed of course to Luke Harper. So I think that you were out of the equation because they had other guys in mind.”

You can check out the podcast below: