Chris Jericho Says He’s Had 12 CoronaVirus Tests

Chris Jericho has faced a lot of criticism from fans on social media after he and his band Fozzy recently played shows in Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As noted on Thursday, Jericho used a GIF of WWE NXT Champion Keith Lee to tout AEW’s latest ratings win over NXT. In that tweet he used the “#DemoGod” hashtag to go with one of his newest nicknames – The Demo God.

A fan responded to that tweet and said “COVID God” is a better nickname for the pro wrestling veteran.

“Covid god is more like it. Wait till the AEW roster gets a little bit of the Rona,” the fan wrote.

Jericho fired back and revealed that he has taken 12 coronavirus tests, and tested negative each time.

“Sorry pal. Tested Negative w the swab for the 12th time…. [wink emoji] [kiss emoji],” he wrote back to the fan.