Chris Jericho Speaks Out On Darby Allin’s Push In AEW

During an appearance on Konnan’s podcast, Chris Jericho talked about Darby Allin’s push:

“Look at the projects we’ve had in eight weeks. Darby Allin, you see him come out and people are dressing like him now. Kids and women are putting the face paint on. At first, you’re like, ‘who is this guy?’ Then I had him come down and attack me off the skateboard. Then we had the match where he had his hands tied behind his back and all that stuff. He did the crazy promo where he’s in a bodybag, getting crowd surfed at a punk rock show. Then he has an amazing match with Moxley. He’s made. He went from nothing to a legit made star in less than two months. He wants it. He reminds me a lot of Jeff Hardy. He’s got an x-factor to him. Get into a room or a ring with that guy, he’s got a presence.”