Chris Nowinski Gives AEW Roster Concussion Presentation, Lashes Out Over NFL Incident

Christopher Nowinski
Christopher Nowinski comments on Tua Tagovailoa

Christopher Nowinski is still going to great lengths to educate the talent and management that is responsible for the talent in multiple pro wrestling promotions about the dangers of concussions and CTE.

After the tragic situation that saw Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa stretchered off the field during the NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday, September 29, 2022 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the former WWE Superstar and Tough Enough contestant took to social media to reiterate his strong stance regarding the protection of athletes starting with making sure they are educated properly on the dangers they face with concussion and CTE-related issues.

Nowinski, the founding CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, took to Twitter after Tagovailoa’s injury situation to comment on how the Dolphins and the NFL should have known better than to allow the star quarterback to suit up and take to the field on Thursday to play so soon after suffering a concussion just days prior.

After sharing his thoughts on the major football story itself (see tweets below), the Harvard graduate also commented about how in light of the Tagovailoa situation he is so appreciative that WWE and Paul “Triple H” Levesque, AEW and Tony Khan and the NWA and Billy Corgan have all invited him to come teach their talents about the dangers associated with taking part in physical, athletic endeavors before being fully recovered and cleared after suffering a concussion or significant head injury of any kind.

“In light of the Tua disaster last night, I appreciate more than ever AEW [and] Tony Khan, WWE [and] Triple H, & NWA [and] Billy [Corgan] all inviting me to come teach their talent about concussions [and] the risks of getting in the ring before you’ve recovered,” he wrote in his tweet covering the subject, which included a photo of himself giving a lecture while standing in an AEW ring. “Protecting athletes begins with educating them.”

Dr. Michael Sampson, the AEW ringside physician would later respond to Nowinski’s comments, hopping onto social media to reply with a tweet of his own.

“[Thanks] to Chris Nowinski founder of [Concussion Legacy Foundation] for presenting to AEW talent on the most recent information on concussions, CTE and ways to prevent or avoid sustaining one,” Sampson wrote in his response to the aforementioned Nowinski tweet. “Always cutting edge science. #saveyourbrain.”

Check out the back-and-forth between Christopher Nowinski and Dr. Michael Sampson, as well as Nowinski’s tweets about the Tua Tagovailoa situation from Thursday’s Dolphins-Bengals NFL game via the posts embedded below.