Chris Sabin Discusses Challenging For ROH Title At Hard To Kill

Chris Sabin did an interview with The Sportster’s Denise Salcedo to hype his ROH World Title matchup against Jonathan Gresham at Saturday’s Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill pay per view.

During it, he was asked about the possibility of winning the title:

“…That’s something that you could always go back to and reference as some sort of history in wrestling that you made,” said Sabin. He continued, “…It’s not easy to really to do something new and solidify your name and on such a historic level like that by winning two world championships and two different companies like that. But yeah, it would mean a lot, and it would just, you know, add to my credentials of my career, and it was something I would be proud of.”

“…I respect John a lot. I mean, he works really hard to be a unique talent just to be something different,” said Sabin. He explains, “Obviously, he works hard in the gym, he works hard when he’s training in the ring outside of wrestling, and you can just tell by his body of work. He’s just an amazing talent.”