CM Punk On Bron Breakker’s Ring Name

AEW star CM Punk took to Twitter this afternoon and commented on WWE NXT star Bron Breakker. A fan tweeted how the son of Rick Steiner is WWE’s answer to saving the future of men’s wrestling in their company, adding that people will get used to the name.

The fan wrote, “they have found the man who is going to save the future of men’s wrestling in WWE. y’all will get used to the name ‘Bron Breakker.’ I agree it’s stupid but try to remember the first time you heard names like ‘CM Punk’ and ‘Roman Reigns’ etc etc etc. goober names just become names over time if the wrestler isn’t ass”

Punk responded and said Breakker is awesome and will do just fine. Punk also agreed that Bron should be using the Steiner name.

“CM Punk is the ultimate stupid name. Bron is awesome and going to be fine. He should be Steiner, but it’s not his fault. Changing my name to ‘Killer Brooks’,” Punk wrote.

Breakker has not responded to Punk’s comments as of this writing.