CM Punk Speaks Out On AEW’s Potential and Giving Back To Younger Wrestlers

CM Punk did an interview with Sports Illustrated to promote last night’s AEW Dynamite where he will be wrestling Bobby Fish. Here are some of the highlights.

Giving back in AEW:

“This is really about the soul, the spirit, and the art of professional wrestling,” Punk says. “It reminds me of how I started. It’s why guys like me and Bryan Danielson would drive 15 hours to get to a show, and barely get gas money in return, to wrestle in front of 300 rabid fans in Philadelphia. That’s what this is, with TNT behind it.

“We’re the punk rock band that used to play at your bowling alley. It has that spirit and love of the art. It’s a place where you can make a living and learn the craft.”

The potential of AEW:

“AEW got Bryan Danielson, a once-in-generation talent, to come here, and they got me to come back after all the time I was gone,” Punk says. “And then you have AEW doing the impossible, making a deal with Martha Hart to produce Owen Hart T-shirts, action figures and they’re even going to put him in video games. That speaks volumes to what AEW is and the potential of how much bigger it can get.”