CM Punk Takes Shot At Hulk Hogan

CM Punk recently ripped Hulk Hogan during an appearance on the “Rasslin” podcast with Brandon Walker. Punk discussed the huge pop he received for his AEW debut last month, and what it feels like to get a reaction on the level of Steve Austin.

“It’s like the kids say, there’s levels to this, and you don’t know until you ascend to those levels,” Punk said. “And one of the things I’ve always hated about the wrestling business is, there’s exceptions to the rule, some people are good about it, but there’s always been people who have gotten to a certain level, and they’re almost taught and the culture is fostered for them to believe that they need to make sure nobody else gets to that level. They don’t want anybody to ‘steal their spot’. You throwing my name in the hat with somebody like Steve Austin, who’s arguably biggest star the business has ever seen. A lot of this is subjective, though. You can make the argument, ‘Oh, no, well, Hulk Hogan is a bigger star than Steve Austin,’ but then you look at business periods, and eras, and box office receipts and all that other stuff. I think Hogan’s a piece of shit, so obviously, I’m gonna be like, ‘Steve Austin, yay.’ What it what it feels like. I don’t have the words to describe what it feels like. What I know I feel like is I want to help everybody on the AEW roster fucking get there. That’s what I know.”