CM Punk Twitter Q&A: Best Moment From His Wrestling Career, Drew McIntyre, Dominik Mysterio, CoronaVirus, & More

Former WWE Champion CM Punk went viral on Twitter this afternoon while hosting a Q&A session with fans. He made several interesting pro wrestling comments.

Punk gave a big nod to WWE rookie Dominik Mysterio when asked who he thinks the standout WWE Superstar is right now. He responded, “Prince Mysterio.”

Punk didn’t have much to say when asked his thoughts on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. He said, “Large and Scottish.”

Punk was also asked who he sees as the next “mega star” in pro wrestling.

“There is nobody,” he responded.

A fan responded and asked, “Is that in part because you retired just before it was your turn to put young guys over?”

Punk responded and joked about “putting over” the future of the business, such as The Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock and Brock Lesnar.

He wrote, “I put over such young lions that are the future of the business like the undertaker, hhh, the rock, and brock lesnar! The future looks good!”

Punk teased an upcoming announcement earlier this year on Instagram but nothing ever came of it. A fan asked what the reveal was going to be, and Punk indicated that the project is still in the works.

“Nope! Gotta wait until mass gatherings are SAFE (not just allowed),” he wrote back.

There was a lot of talk years ago about Punk getting backstage heat for using the banned piledriver on John Cena during their #1 contender’s match on the February 25, 2013 RAW episode from Dallas, Texas. That is the match that Cena won to earn his WrestleMania 29 title shot from then-WWE Champion The Rock, who Cena defeated. Punk was asked if he really got backstage heat for the piledriver.

He responded, “I mean, people were mad but if you really think about it they’re big babies.”

Regarding his lengthy pro wrestling career, that ran from 1999 until he walked out of WWE in 2014, Punk was asked what the best moment was.

“Finally doing right by me for the first time and walking away,” he said.

The former UFC fighter turned MMA commentator was also asked if he’s taking a break from MMA, or if he’s still training. He said COVID-19 is making it very hard to train, but he’s still into it.

“I still train but Covid making it very hard,” he wrote.

Punk also indicated that he’s taking no chances with the coronavirus pandemic. He was asked the first thing he wants to do once COVID-19 is a thing of the past.

He responded, “Wait another 6 months before I do anything.”

Punk, who has talked about being a big fan of WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper in the past, said if he could star in the remake of a classic horror film, it would be “They Live” from 1998, which starred Piper.

“Saddle me up for THEY LIVE,” he responded when asked.

Punk also revealed that they used kitty litter for the 2013 angle that saw him dump the contents of the urn, purported to be Paul Bearer’s ashes, onto The Undertaker and himself, in the lead-up to their WrestleMania 29 match, which Taker won. You can see the aforementioned tweets below, along with some of his comments on his WrestleMania 29 entrance, movies, and more: