Cody Rhodes Addresses Trademark Filings and His Character

Cody Rhodes noted the following on Twitter regarding his recent trademark filings of old WCW/NWA events Bunkhouse Stampede, Bash at the Beach, and Battlebowl:

“I’d turn off the google alerts on trademarks. They’re personal and most aren’t intended for AEW. I’ve filed/claimed over 50 the last few months. I’m just trying to get some of Dad’s cattle back. That’s the story.”

Cody also noted the following when a fan said they didn’t understand his character and asked if he was a heel or face:

“I’m a competitor. Those dated tropes don’t exist in wrestling anymore. Fans are more educated and hold our industry to the same standards as any other comparable form of entertainment. Context creates.

I don’t mean there isn’t a protagonist and a villain and a myriad of other characters that you feel emotions for. Context creates those scenarios. But ‘I don’t sign autos in the hotel because I’m a heel!’ is for the lazy man.”