Cody Rhodes Comments On AEW Signing WWE Stars, Chris Jericho Does Great Deed

– It was previously noted that former WWE star Kamala was on the verge of losing his home by April 15th due to unpaid taxes. Chris Jericho ended up donating $5000.00 which helped the GoFundMe campaign reach its $12,750 goal and then some. Jericho wrote the following in the comments section of the page:

“God bless you James! Thx for the years of entertaining!”

– During a recent appearance on Jim Ross’ podcast, Cody Rhodes commented on AEW signing talents from WWE:

“I’ve jokingly said it’s currently at about 5% — Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Cody Rhodes. A few others, maybe. It’s not the same. Having that equity with WWE is wonderful but you’ve got to be able to cut it and meet the standards that people have for their actual bell-to-bell contest. That number might increase. There being the opportunity to exist for the boys and girls to make more money, here or there. Just to have options. If they can play, they’re gonna play,” said Cody. “But right now, the recruitment is more about ‘freshmen.’ I want to build a new class of guys. I don’t them to feel like they were set up and that was it. I want them to feel like they were set up to win and succeed. Right now, it’s a lot of faces you’ve never seen and people you’ll be surprised when you do see them.”