Cody Rhodes On Where Things Stand Between Him And Roman Reigns Following WWE WrestleMania 40

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE champion Cody Rhodes discussed his relationship with Roman Reigns after WWE WrestleMania 40 in an interview with The Pivot podcast.

“I think Roman and I are great opponents. I don’t dislike Roman and I think he doesn’t dislike me but when we see ourselves on the poster together, we get it. I’m supposed to beat you, you’re supposed to beat me, you’re supposed to be the benchmark, I want to be the benchmark.”

“I’d love to sit with Roman at one point. We’ve never had that, to sit and talk. Even if we were to watch something back, if WWE organized it where we watch WrestleMania. Just because our families have been linked for so long, it’s kind of fate that put us together. I’m not a big believer in anything but there’s that element of destiny and fate with him and I going against each other.”

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