Cody Rhodes Opens Up About His Journey To Becoming Undisputed WWE Champion

Undisputed WWE Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Twitter Marketing’s Brett Weitz on a number of topics including his journey to where he is now.

Rhodes said, “I’ve taken many detours, excursions, however you want to call them in the wrestling space. Finding the best version of me as a wrestler, the best version of me as an athlete… a lot of that is trial and error and a great deal of it is failure. Failure was the ultimate teacher for me.”

On the support of fans and friends getting him to where he is:

“I’d love to say I’m the WWE Champion because of just me, a la Buddy Rogers. But the truth is, I’m the WWE Champion because of the team of people that I have around me. And even larger than that, the family of fans that surround me. This conversation would not be led in with ‘here’s the WWE Champion Cody Rhodes’ unless those fans had spoken up heading into WrestleMania.”

On fans supporting him against The Rock:

“It was really never a matter of ‘we don’t like The Rock.’ It was more a matter of ‘This story needs to be finished.’”

You can check out Rhodes’ comments below.