Cody Rhodes Talks His Merchandise Outselling WWE, ROH Final Battle, More

In an interview with The New York Post, ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes spoke about various topics. Here are highlights:

On WWE merchandise:

“They’re the biggest global conglomerate. They’re unreal. But I can’t help but see more of our stuff in the crowd than their stuff… I know the numbers at the store that sells both of our merchandise and they’re not even close. … They have some amazing, amazing talent, but I don’t think when we’re together [the Bullet Club], I don’t think anyone can touch the group we have, that kind of being the elite group.”

On ROH Final Battle:

“So much of this hinges on Final Battle. The reason we have been able to keep building and running our mouths and the confidence level growing is because every event has been gangbusters. As long as it continues to go up and trend upward, man, the sky’s the limit.”