Colt Cabana On His Friendship With CM Punk, Potential WWE Return

Colt Cabana recently appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio. Here are the highlights (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc).

On if he is friends with CM Punk:

“We’re… we’re what we are, you know? Yes. Of course we are. Me and Punk [are] like you and Taz,” said Cabana. Bubba responded, “Ah, so it’s really bad, huh?” Cabana said hesitantly, “We’re friends.”

Punk potentially returning to wrestling:

“I think he has no desire to ever go to WWE, but, you never know,” said Cabana. “In 10 years, something can be different. His mindset could be different, his pocket book could be different, these are factors that I don’t know. Like, right now, I think he hates wrestling, and everything is kind of… it’s weird, because it’s done everything for him, and it’s also done everything against him. So, I think he has a bad taste for wrestling in his mouth but, you know, in four, five, 10 years, who knows?”