Coming Out of Covid-19: Las Vegas Wrestling Championships Rescheduled for 2020

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Covid-19 has changed the world in more ways than we could have ever imagined. Schools have shut down, government offices are closed, people are working from home far more often, and others have been completely laid off. None of us could have ever foreseen the absolute devastation that has come along with the pandemic of 2020.

The biggest change to come out of 2020 so far, is all of the social and competitive sporting events that have unexpectedly been postponed or shut down completely. When major competitive sports like the NFL, NBA, and even the Olympics are shut down or postponed, then we know something is seriously worrisome. After all, those are some of the largest money-making organizations in the world. 

Unfortunately for wrestling fans, most of the matches from youth sports all the way to Olympic level wrestling and even the WWE have been harshly affected by Covid-19. Matches that were not completely shut down have simply been postponed until a later, and hopefully safer date.

For Olympic hopefuls, this is especially devastating news. After all, they have been training and competing in preparation for the qualifying championships for years. This major postponed date gives competitor significant time to prepare and get better than they were at previous competitions. This is a serious cause for concern for many competitors. 

The 2020 Marine Corps US Open: WW U 15 National Championships were originally scheduled for April 21st through April 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada. Winners were set to represent Team USA at the Pan-America Championships in Nicaragua in November of this year. Ultimately, this is a competition that would help to determine team USA for the Olympics. 

However, all of these competitions have been postponed until further notice. Athletes and spectators who wanted to visit the lure of professional wrestling mixed with Las Vegas style are going to have to wait for an unknown amount of time.

Just like watching WWE on the television can never replace seeing a professional wrestling championship in person, a Vegas style online casino is never going to replace the lure of actual Las Vegas vacationing. Unfortunately, it looks that wrestling fans who were planning to travel to the big city for the championship, might have to make some temporary plans to fill their travel needs until a decision is made. 

In fact, the professional wrestlers aiming for a ticket to the Olympics are not the only competitors who have majorly lost out due to the Coronavirus shutdown of 2020. Many other athletes are suffering from the loss of their competition season.

Even wrestlers who are best known for their dramatic performances on the “stage” of WWE mats are suffering from this traumatic time of closings. The Covid-19 pandemic has cause professional wrestling and everyone involved in the industry to completely shut down causing massive money problems for millions involved.

In the last month, the WWE organization has laid of a ton of employees. From the behind-the-scenes folks to the on-air talent, the organization had to let tons of employees go in order to save themselves millions of dollars each month. This is a sad story that seems to be ringing true in more areas than just the area of professional wrestling.

It makes sense, however, that since so many of these employees have jobs that center around the money-making matches that air on television, their jobs are no longer a commodity for the organization of the WWE.

All organizations, however, are hopeful for a quick return for the sport of wrestling as 2020 continues. While many remain optimistic, there is definite air of disappointment around the talks surrounding the sport. The 2020 Olympics have been rescheduled for summer of 2021, and many athletes are supportive of this news.

After all, athletes who have already qualified have a full year of preparation ahead of them. However, that full year will also offer up many increased challenges. From increased time to sustain an injury, to increased time for opponents to drastically improve. Further, without intermittent competitions, no one will see their competitors in action until it is time for the competition to begin. 

Another positive sign for the world of wrestling ironically comes from the NFL. While many remain hopeful about sports opening back up, the NFL has begun to release schedules and sell tickets. Of course, they do this under the understanding that refunds will be issued if the season should have to be cancelled. 

Many people in the world of competitive sports take this as a good sign for the rest of the competitive sports world. After all, if the NFL is marching on, then others should be able to follow suit pretty quickly. College teams have also gathered tentative schedules, but most athletes have been unable to undergo spring training, access to workout space has been limited, and coaches are fretting the news of summer regulations regarding athlete training and conditioning.

Do not pack your bags for Vegas just yet. The 2020 Marine Corps US Open: WW U 15 National Championships have not yet actually been rescheduled and there is no guarantee that this competition will even take place in 2020. While this might seem like a major bummer for many wrestling fans and athletes who were looking forward to this second annual championship meet, this is all in the interest of public health and well-being.

At the end of the day, having a championship meet in Las Vegas would be a dream location for many wrestling fans. However, public health and well-being should always be considered before the public is allowed to gather in many spaces. In many ways, the NFL is being watched as a leader for how to handle the Covid-19 scare of 2020. However, other sports are taking their own lead. In fact, the UFC has decided to go ahead with new fights and practicing social distancing protocols. The 2021 Olympics, if nothing else, will be like no other competition before it.