Conflicting Reports About Neville Walking Out At WWE RAW, Cryptic Message From Austin Aries

– According to Mike Johnson of, previous reports about Neville walking out prior to RAW are incorrect and that he was never in the building on Monday. Neville was apparently expected to be at RAW to face Enzo Amore in the Lumberjack match, but when he didn’t show up backstage, the decision was made to have Kalisto face Enzo instead.

The current belief is that Neville wants to be released and work on establishing his name on the indies like Drew McIntyre did. Neville reportedly has several issues with the company including his t-shirt design. In addition to that, Neville was upset like Austin Aries was about their match being left off the North America Wrestlemania DVD because that resulted in less royalties.

– Speaking of Austin Aries, Aries posted the following cryptic message on Twitter which some fans are believing is a reference to himself and Neville given the timing: