Conflicting Reports On WWE Superstar Shakeup, Latest On AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens PPV Finish

– There have been conflicting reports about WWE possibly doing another Superstar Shakeup later this year. According to what James McKenna‏ of was told, WWE isn’t doing another Shakeup until next year. On the contrary, Dave Meltzer of was told that there is talk of having roster moves during the fall. In addition to trades between RAW and Smackdown, Meltzer notes that there is also talk of having former NXT talents that Vince McMahon has no intentions on pushing being moved back to NXT so they can be utilized better.

– Regarding the awkward finish of AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens at WWE Battleground, it was reportedly changed very late in the match right before the referee bumped. According to Dave Meltzer of, the people that needed to know the finish were told that AJ Styles was winning and there was commotion backstage when the finish went down.