Corey Graves Not A Big Fan Of Bray Wyatt’s New Customized Universal Title

During his recent After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves gave his thoughts on Bray Wyatt’s customized Universal Title:

“It’s cool. I think it’s very very cool. I am a big fan of Tom Savini, one of the greatest special effects artists to ever work in the motion picture industry. I think it’s cool that our worlds have collided. The championship in and of itself is very cool, visually. But I have a problem with these customized championships. I always have.”

“I hated when Stone Cold had the Smoking Skull belt. It looked cool, but all of a sudden, the WWE Championship and all of its history is customized to one guy. I didn’t have a problem with the blue Universal Championship because it made sense, it still looks like the WWE Championship. I didn’t hate when Ultimate Warrior would change the strap on his WWE Championship. But all of a sudden, The Fiend is going to defend a title that is just his face?”

“I’m not a huge fan of it. I think it devalues the championship as a whole. The one thing we’ve always got is history, revisionist as it may be. The more you change the championships, the design, it devalues it.”